Jumpcode Genomics Secures $21M in Series B Funding
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. Jan. 12, 2021Jumpcode Genomics – a genome technology company focused on improving the understanding of human disease – today announced it raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding. The round was co-led by Baird Capital and Arboretum Ventures and included existing investor LYZZ Capital. Jumpcode also announced the appointment of Frank Witney to its Board of Directors, further expanding the company’s leadership team. Additionally, the company announced the move of its headquarters into larger office and laboratory space.

Founded in 2016, Jumpcode’s patented technology unlocks the power of next-generation sequencing by improving sensitivity, reducing costs, simplifying workflows and removing bias. Researchers worldwide are using Jumpcode’s CRISPRclean technology in the fields of basic research, infectious disease, oncology and consumer genomics. 

Series B Funding

“Since emerging from stealth mode in late 2020, we’ve received robust interest in Jumpcode from the life sciences community,” said Yaron Hakak, Ph.D., CEO of Jumpcode Genomics. “Our CRISPRclean technology has helped scientists at renowned medical centers, academic and biotechnology organizations address research bottlenecks by depleting unwanted nucleic acid molecules from sequencing libraries, enabling them to see what they previously could not. With this new financing, Jumpcode will accelerate commercialization of the CRISPRclean technology, expand into additional market segments and further build our team.” 

“The Jumpcode Genomics team and advisors have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in this sector,” said Mike Liang, Partner with Baird Capital. “We believe the underlying technology within Jumpcode has revolutionary applications within the life sciences tools market and within clinical diagnostic applications.”

“We’re so pleased to support Jumpcode as the company embarks on its next phase of growth,” said Dan Kidle, Partner with Arboretum Ventures. “Alongside Baird Capital, we see great opportunity for Jumpcode to establish a leadership position in this sector with its remarkably innovative approach and product offerings.”

New Board of Directors Member

Jumpcode has appointed Frank Witney to its Board of Directors, further expanding the company’s life sciences expertise. Mr. Witney currently serves as an Operating Partner at Ampersand Capital Partners. He previously served as CEO of Affymetrix, a leading provider of genomics and cell biology products, and CEO of Dionex, a leading provider of analytical instrumentation. Mr. Witney also held senior executive positions at PerkinElmer, Packard BioScience and Bio-Rad Laboratories. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology from Indiana University.

New Office and Laboratory Space

Continuing its growth, Jumpcode is relocating to 4755 Nexus Center Dr., San Diego, CA 92121. The Class A biomedical site includes office space as well as a fully outfitted laboratory. The facility is located in the La Jolla submarket, San Diego’s most dynamic biotech business hub, and will allow for Jumpcode’s operational expansion.  


About Jumpcode Genomics 

Founded in 2016, Jumpcode Genomics aims to improve the understanding of human biology and the contribution to disease. The company’s proprietary CRISPRclean technology utilizes the CRISPR/Cas system to deplete unwanted nucleic acid molecules from sequencing libraries. The process fits seamlessly within standard next-generation sequencing workflows and works with most commercially available library preparation solutions.

About Baird Capital

Baird Capital makes venture capital, growth equity and private equity investments in strategically targeted sectors around the world. Having invested in more than 300 companies over its history, Baird Capital partners with entrepreneurs and, leveraging its executive networks, strives to build exceptional companies. Baird Capital provides operational support to its portfolio companies through teams on the ground in the United States, Europe and Asia, a proactive portfolio operations team and a deep network of relationships, which together strive to deliver enhanced shareholder value. Baird Capital is the direct private investment arm of Robert W. Baird & Co. For more information, please visit BairdCapital.com

About Arboretum Ventures

Arboretum Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in the healthcare sector. Founded in 2002, the firm has raised $700 million in capital to support a portfolio diverse in stage and geography. The investment team targets capital-efficient companies that improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare system costs across medical devices, life science tools & diagnostics, and tech-enabled care delivery. Arboretum is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More information is available at www.arboretumvc.com.

About LYZZ Capital

LYZZ Capital is a life science-dedicated venture capital fund with offices in Shanghai and San Diego. It invests globally in innovative biotech and medtech companies addressing unmet medical needs. Members of the LYZZ management team have decades of entrepreneurial and management experience in startup and multi-national pharmaceutical companies. They take pride in working with their portfolio companies and sharing their operational expertise and global network. LYZZcap.com.

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