Lucky Lion – Portland’s Recreational Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Lucky Lion is a recreational cannabis and medical marijuana dispensary located in Portland, Oregon’s 148th and Powell area. Established in 2018, Lucky Lion is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing high-quality cannabis products, friendly customer service, and a safe and secure shopping experience.

At Lucky Lion, customers can expect to find a variety of different cannabis products. From recreational weed and edibles to top-shelf flower, extract, and vape products, Lucky Lion has something to satisfy every need and budget. In addition to their vast selection of cannabis products, Lucky Lion also offers educational classes and resources to help customers make informed decisions when purchasing their products.

At Lucky Lion, customer safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. The store has implemented several safety protocols, such as temperature checks and face masks, to ensure that every customer is safe and secure while shopping in their store. Additionally, they prioritize customer service by offering free delivery, customer loyalty rewards, and discounts on certain products.

Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana, recreational weed, or just a place to grab some top-shelf cannabis products, Lucky Lion has you covered. Stop by to experience a safe and secure shopping experience at Portland’s premier recreational cannabis and medical marijuana dispensary. Visit the Lucky Lion website to learn more.