The Elevated Experience in Round Lake, IL

Did you ever ponder how life would look from above? Altius Dispensary redefines ‘getting high’, bringing uniquely elevated experiences sans air tickets! In our humble abode tucked away in Round Lake, IL, we ship not just recreational weed, but also moments of pure levity.

Our premise is as dapper as a 007 party. The moment you walk through our doors, you’re transported to a high-end escape complete with mindfully curated strains. You sure won’t find this uniqueness, even if you scoured every nook and cranny of Round Lake! Our patrons dub us their “escape pod”. Cheeky, isn’t it?

Our products aren’t harvested, rather, they’re reaped by a highly exalted green thumb. We bask in the glow of being specially deemed as the ‘Purveyor of High Times’. We’re indeed high, not just on the altitude but also on our patrons’ smiles and community love.

Come, head over to Altius, your cloud nine spot in Round Lake, IL. We promise you a nifty getaway from the hustle. You’ll soon be amongst the stars, experiencing life above the clouds.