Alien Plantation: Pecos Valley Production’s Premium Cannabis.

If you ever find yourself stargazing, wondering if there’s anything out there, you only need to remember one thing: Roswell, NM has you covered. Home to the infamous 1947 UFO sighting, Roswell is a town with more than just aliens to offer; it’s also home to the area’s finest cannabis, supplied by none other than Pecos Valley Production. No, we’re not talking about extraterrestrials sneaking a few greens down here—the folks at PVP grow it all themselves!

With a variety of strains that are out of this world, Pecos Valley Production has the goods you need. Sourcing only the best quality plants from the fertile soils of the Pecos Valley, their products ensure a high that’s simply outta space. So, the next time you see a twinkle in the sky, remember the fantastical adventure waiting back on earth. Be it premium cannabis oils, edibles, or traditional buds, Pecos Valley Production is your one-stop-shop. Aliens might’ve made Roswell famous, but Pecos Valley Production makes it cosmic.