Discover the Exceptional Quality at Our Regional Cannabis Provisioning Centers

In the world of medicinal and recreational cannabis products, we understand that quality, safety, and consistency matter. At our regional Cannabis Provisioning Centers, you are guaranteed high-standard, laboratory-tested cannabis goods that meet all your needs.

We at New Standard are committed to setting the benchmark for cannabis provision regionally. We do this by providing an unrivaled selection of the finest cannabis products, from world-class strains of flower to a stunning array of edibles, concentrates, and more. Yet, we don’t just stop at product variety; we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are educated about each product’s unique attributes and usage guidelines.

Our centers engage in responsible practices that prioritize customer care and safety above all else. All our product offerings are sourced from reputable growers and suppliers who adhere to the strictest industry standards. Our staff is well-informed and dedicated to answering any questions you may have, especially if you’re a first-time visitor unsure about what you’re looking for.

Navigating through the domain of cannabis can sometimes prove challenging. Newcomers may find themselves overwhelmed by all the different options, while connoisseurs always want to be on the lookout for their next favorite strain or product. Regardless of where you are on this spectrum, our centers are designed to facilitate an inviting, educational, and top-notch experience.

Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of products, but we also lay emphasis on supporting our local communities. By giving back via various initiatives, we strive to be more than just a provisioning center.

Visit one of our regional locations to explore our curated selection of the best our industry offers, receive expert advice from our experienced-budtenders, and experience the New Standard way.

This is where your journey into the wide world of cannabis begins—and we’re thrilled to guide you every step of the way.