Cake House Battle Creek: A Sweet Blend of Charm and Chills!

Venture into the heartland of Battle Creek, MI, and you’ll unearth a scrumptious secret drive-through named The Cake House. A minority and women-lead initiative, the Cake House presents itself in flavors even more diverse than its leadership!

Battle Creek’s Sweet Set-Up

Interestingly, the Cake House isn’t your everyday bakery. Coupled with their delectable pastry pleasure, they also serve as a Cannabis Dispensary! A smooth, two-layered treat based in Battle Creek, it’s been whipping up a refreshing blend for the Springfield and Pennfield Charter Township crowds.

This quirky set-up has had many a customer drive up erratically with stress, only to drive off in satisfaction, their car smelling like a gluttonous mix of cookies… and something more “herbal”.

Not Just a Cake Walk!

Cake House continues to prove that success isn’t simply a cakewalk. As pioneers in their own right, Cake Enterprises Inc has certainly raised the ‘baking bar’ high. Other branches in Ceresco and Marshall, MI also participate in Cake House’s unique recipe for success, making sure no Michigan resident has to miss out on their heavenly offerings.