A ‘Baked’ Affair at The Cake House, Vista

Visiting Vista, CA anytime soon? Then absolutely stir in a pinch of fun and a whole lot of laughter by trying out some incredible cannabis enriched goodies at The Cake House. We promise, it will be a real ‘trip’!

A Delicious Date with Mary Jane

Forget plain old munchies when you can have a ‘baked’ affair with Mary Jane herself! Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or just searching for a chill, deliciously decadent experience, our bakery has got all your cravings covered. From pot-brownies that’ll make you giggle to pot-pies that will keep you grounded, tickle your taste buds and live life high at this incredible dessert paradise.

Hilariously High Quality

With The Cake House Vista, never fear a bad trip or an after-party feeling too dry! Meticulously baked, each piece is a gastronomical pleasure. Come visit us and you’ll leave feeling… baked and humming ‘sweet home ala bhang, where the skies are so high’.